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Asian Viewpoints

Cargill to build palm oil refinery in Indonesia

 International commodity company Cargill recently announced that it will build a palm oil refinery in Indonesia. Cargill is a trading company that handles various commodities including grains, coffee, sugar, cotton, rubber, and oil. The company is one of the largest grain traders in the world and has a large influence on the global food trade. The refinery will be constructed in the South Lampung Province of Sumatra, Indonesia. The investment would be about US$200 mil. Palm oil is used not only as vegetable oil for cooking, but also as a food stabilizer and for a wide range of other food applications, and demand is expected to increase in the future. Indonesia is the world's largest palm oil producer. Cargill planned to achieve sustainable palm oil production in the country and build supply chains to North America and Europe. Construction of the refinery has already begun and it is expected to be operational by the end of 2022.


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